Sophocles uses diction to help build up and create a more tragic ending by letting the readers guess and wonder in their minds, with the certain words he uses. The word choice he uses is very descriptive and diverse. He uses words in sentences that help formulate the drama in the story such as on page 244 from line 1550 to 1553 when the Leader is talking to Oedipus "Put your requests to Creon. here he is, just when we need him. He'll have a plan, he'll act. Now that he's the sole defense of the country in your place". In this sentence Sophocles easliy draws the readers attention to the fact that they have a problem and they are desperate for an answer by any means neccessary. The word choice in this helped create the dramatic effect with words like "sole defense of the country". Those words, when i read it, symbolized to me that everything was resting on Creons shoulders and that is, he didnt come through everything will be ruined, and this is what helps to contribute to the cramtic ending of the story. (Clay)