In this project you will work together in groups to add to our analysis of Keats's poetry. Click on your names below to navigate to your group's page. (Feel free to give your group a much cooler name.)

You may divide the group work as you see fit and complete each portion in whatever order you like. Just remember, I can tell who is adding content. Use class time to coordinate and begin work, but you will most likely have to spend some time outside of class to finish. I will close this Wiki on Monday, September 15, so complete your work before then. The scoring guide is posted on Study Wiz.

Each group must complete the following. You will be reminded of these steps on your group's pages. Additionally, any group may add pages that they think will help in our study of these poems.

  1. Create hyperlinks within "Ode on Melancholy" to help explain the more difficult words and allusions. Your group must add at least 5 hyperlinks.
  2. How is this poem an example of Romanticism? How is this poem an example of an ode?
  3. What have you learned about Keats that helps you understand this poem in a new way?
  4. What are some of the purposes of this poem? Why did Keats write it in the first place?
  5. Repeat as many of the steps above with the other Keats poem I assign...

Groups (Give your groups better names if you like!)

Group 1: Philip Athey, Ben Neiderlander, Niv Neuberger, Emir Tigrel

Group 2: Sarah Davis, Michelle Khalife, Beka Schonschack

Group 3 - The Power Rangers: Lauren Imwold (Preposterous Pink), Yuval Jacob (Revolting Red), Sandeep Rajgopal (Ghastly Green)

Group 4: Sara Kilian (MIA 1/9/08 - 2/9/08) , Choon-Huat Lee, Ryan Sweeney , Alex Steinm├╝ller(MIA)