In this task I ask that you combine images with your discussion of the play's themes.
  1. You need to find an appropriate image (still image or video) that you will pair with a theme. Be sure to site your sources (either through a hyperlink or copying the url).
  2. Then, you need to write a paragraph that explains HOW your image illustrates key aspects of the play's theme. How does it graphically represent key ideas or characters in the play?
  3. MOST IMPORTANTLY you need to comment on your peers' work.

Some examples for you...
external image shout23.jpe

This picture shows Oedipus losing his sight. As sight is a main motif in Oedipus the King, Sophocles creates a lot of dramatic irony. He did this to pose the ignorant pronouncements of his characters against the audiences’ knowledge of their future. Sight explores Oedipus’s biased perspectives, as the reader already knows about him ending up blind. Sophocles therefore includes this literary device to characterize protagonists and create various moods. Also Oedipus’s face is wrinkling, which represents his crumbling power and glory. Christian M

Add your thoughts...
fish.pngstock clipart taken from

I like this image, in conjunction with this play, because of the inevibility represented it. In Sophocles' world we mortals (the fish) can try to escape our natural need to find order (relegate our destinies to the gods), but the struggle is futile but somehow beautiful at the same time. Another way of putting the theme...we can struggle against fate, and our struggles can makes us extraordinary. Yet, we will all be pulled back down by forces beyond our control. -Neal

I think that the fish jumping from the water can truly represent that Oedipus is actually like a "fish out of water" in his city, that he is actually quite incapable of ruling, since he suffers from strong paranoia so extreme he suspects even his own stepbrothre, and represents that he was quite lucky with the sphinx. I think that sophocles means for Oedie to fail because he believes Oedie is not fit to rule Thebes, and that he will soon jump so far he won't be able to make it "back to the water." He is soon to do whatever the reciprocal of drowning is.
Dan Federico

Feda baby, i think your comparison of Oedipus being like "a fish out of water" is absolutley amazing. When i first looked at the picture i was having a hard time relating the picture to Oedipus the King but after reading ur paragraph it is easy to see that Oedipus may be the king of his people, but you are the king of analysing pictures.
-ryan sweeney


I think this image symbolizes Oedipus in the first part of the play. The observer of the image is the audience who is able to see Oedipus' true self (the cat) and the more glorious self he sees himself as. This is shown in one of his statements:
Page 167

"Now you have me to fight for you, you'll see:
I am the land's avenger by all rights,
and Apollo's champion too."

As can be seen, Oedipus thinks highly of himself, perhaps due to his defeat of the Sphinx. For the audience this is just a funny effect, since we see this "cat" who thinks she is a "wolf". Only later on will Oedipus see that what he truly is, not the majestic creature he portrays himself as in the beginning.
- Yuval J.

I like Yuval's comparison. It is very evident to the reader that Oedipus is a "cat" but he has built himself up in his mind into thinking he is a "dog." The problem is that he cannot "see" that he is a cat. This picture is an interesting description for Oedipus's view of himself. Hmmmm....

This picture to me relates to mine because when i look at it to me it shows how weak Oedipus really is in the cat, but when i look at the dog i see what he is aspiring to be, a strong human for his people.
- Clay Parker

external image wishiwasgreekjz9.jpg
I posted this picture due to the fact that Oedipus the king is portrayed by Sophocles as this strong man for the people because he defeated the Sfinx and he cant be broken. Since this is all the people have seen of him they believe it 100%. Inside Oedipus knows his true self and he is not as strong as the people make him out to be, he has many faults that make him a normal human just like the rest of us, and this is what you experience when you look at the picture. You see a strong man who has finally been to the breaking point and has cracked. This is what i believe Oedipus symbolizes.
-Clay Parker

I agree with what clay has put. Oedipus is portrayed as a hero, the savior of Thebes. He is dedicated to his people and his city. Just like Ronaldo is dedicated to Portugal. In the photo Ronaldo wants to be Greek which means he has doubts about what he stands for just like how Oedipus will do anything for his city but doesn’t know whether or not the Oracle is right about him. He is having doubts about everything he stands for and is second guessing himself. – Nate Hamilton

external image falling_dream.jpg
Taken from Deviantart

To me this image represent Oedipus' downfall and how his ruin was inevitable. Just like how we can't fight gravity, Oedipus cannot fight against the God's prophecy and his own fate. No matter how much he might want to claw his way back to normality he cannot succeed and only spirals further into his own demise. Also the picture has an element of Oedipus' suicidal actions in it, as many people commit suicide by jumping off buildings, and Oedipus in a sense committed suicide by pressing forward to find Laius' killer. - Choon

external image ignore.pngi chose this picture because like the girl in the picture, Oedipus tried to block out and ignore someone and something. When Oedipus was gettin closer to finding out the truth of what really happend to the last king, and the facts were becoming more and more plausable, Oedipus failed to listen and ignored the truth. When Oedipus was in discussion with Jocasta, he was told many things that would have made him the man who killed the old king, but he failed to ignoledge this.
-ryan michael sweeney

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil
Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

I added this photo because it symbolizes what Oedipus wife feels about the entire situation. She doesn’t want to believe the Oracles prophecies. She would rather forget about the entire thing and go on living her life. She also doesn’t want to tell Oedipus that he is her son. Also the fact that this photo contains the see-no-evil is very ironic because Oedipus stabs his eyes out so he can never see anything again. – Nate Hamilton

Regarding Choon-Huat’s picture of a man falling down from a building, I agree completely with Choon-Huat. But I would also like to add that this picture seems to depict the person trying to grab hold onto something. This could represent the fact that despite Oedipus’ attempts to settle down in various locations, he still couldn’t get a grip anywhere. Similarly the picture seems to illustrate someone being thrust down by someone. In this case this someone would be the gods, who decided to doom Oedipus for life. From all the luck and good that lies at the top, Oedipus is thrust down by the gods into his tragic demise. - Sandeep R.


This image shows the situation Oedipus is in. He is one of the Thebans actually, hence he is a sheep like all of them. Yet he is a special individual that is doomed. Further more one can see that this sheep also stands out because it stands in the front, which relates to Oedipus being the king, so in this manner he is brought into the foreground and given more importance. This also means that the impact of discovering the truth in his case is greater that if such a tragedy had occurred to a commoner from Thebes. The black colour of the sheep is also symbolic, as black in many cultures represents the evil. So in this case Oedipus is doomed to be the evil or "bad" character in this story by the gods. - Sandeep R.

Regarding Clay's picture of Cristiano Ronaldo wishing he were Greek, I'd like to add that this image also shows that Oedipus tries being a Theban and fitting into the society so much, that he doesn't manager to do it. He ends up being the loser, like the person in the picture was when his team lost to Greece. In this case though Oedipus lost to his city and the gods that didn't allow or want him to fit in, and were out to defeat him the whole time. -Sandeep R.