Max, i bet you know

I think it was something like 42.
-Fabian G(angsta 4 life)

Personally i think it cant be 42 anymore as it is not prime and is not even devisible by 12 (or both) [somones gotta feel the dramatic irony here]. 41 is a more substancial number. In addition Oedipuses answer to life, the universe and everything seems to be to stab his eyes out. Personally I dont quite believe in that kind of solution to ones problems (ie by making them worse).- Maxi

Too rip off the venerable Douglas Adams, the answer to life, the universe and everything isn't really the difficult thing to figure. The QUESTION to life, the universe, and everything is the real thing to figure out. Too bad the Volgons screwed that one up.... -Neal

Spelling mistake Mr. Neal. "Too rip off" is actually written like this: "To rip off" (Yes, I intentionally didn't correct it :P)

Oh come on people, this is an easy one. The answer to everything in life??? How do you not have it yet, everyone knows that it's DONUTS!
Dan Federico

Dan's (You are right Mr. Neal. I am currently feeling the love that apostrophes are giving me) probably right in a weird sense. Donuts will feed you. If you made enough donuts, this is implying a whole lot, they would create enough gravity to create their own universe, so it may well be that we are living on one huge donut crumb that is billions of years old, and has therefore turned rock hard. Not sure about the everything though. If you really are interested write an email to This is the expert on donuts.