Welcome to Mr. Neal's Wiki for his English classes at the Frankfurt International School.

I want to find a way to better extend our class discussions. Often I am struck by the insights and originality that you produce while talking about literature. I am hoping that by capturing these insights in a format that you can later review, you will be better able to, in your assessments, build upon the ideas you produce through discussion. Also, I want to learn more about Wikis, and I know the best way to learn is to use them with you.

While you work, then, know that I will not only assess the quality of your ideas and your contributions to the discussion, but I will also want to assess your reflection on our use of the Wiki. If you don’t know anything about this technology, don’t worry. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn and contribute.

Use each other as resources. Use me as a resource. If you're confused, just ask. Post a discussion question, or ask the person sitting next to you for help.

Please remember that this is a classroom environment, so basic expectations still apply. I can also track each and every edit, so I know who does (or does not) contribute. Finally, remember that only one person can edit a page at a time, so work out a system to avoid conflicts when uploading. Good luck!

Oedipus the King English A1 11 Project

Keats's Poetry Project